Georgia Medicaid Waiver Information

What is a HCBS Waiver?

States must include nursing facility care for Medicaid recipients in their Medicaid programs , but home - and community - based services (HCBS) are available at a state’s option. This bias toward institutionalization , as well as a growing understanding that institutional care is generally more costly than HCBS for individuals with the same level of need , led to the creation of federal Medicaid rules that allow states to establish Medicaid HCBS waiver programs .

Generally, the waivers provide a package of medically necessary services and supports to people with disabilities and chronic conditions whose medical and support needs are high enough to require an “institutional level of care,” but who do not want to live in a nursing home or institution and could live in the wider community with appropriate services and supports.

States can develop these HCBS waiver programs very narrowly or broadly in terms of the ages and functional ability levels of the eligible p population, the number of waiver slots available, their geographic distribution in the state, having an annual cost cap, and other kinds of income or asset conditions that waiver recipients must meet.

The latest Georgia Waiver Fact Sheets and other information of interest

January, 2016

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